Program Reflection

The M. S. Vocational Education program is one that allows for students from varied disciplines to learn innovative information technologies and apply them in organizational management and supervision rules. The program itself is broad enough to be applicable to students from many backgrounds but my background in community college education made the choice for my enrollment within the program a simple one.


My time spent with ECU has been 100% applicable in virtually every way with my current role as program head for the Advertising and Graphic Design program at Stanly Community College. When I think back to upon the program it's the management and supervisory specific courses like 6750  (research) , 6450 (evaluation), and 6426 (supervision) that were not only the most challenging but also the most rewarding. These three courses specifically demonstrated attributes that I have witnessed in my institution and supervisors and helped me to better identify with their roles and our tasks. In addition, the three courses mentioned have translated into my position as I have managed courses, students and adjunct instructors. The remainder of the courses were no less applicable and have been wonderful resources that I have called upon frequently with my time at ECU. The additional technology integration focus of this program was a point that caught my attention immediately. The techno-centric courses quickly found their way into my classroom. I  found many applications within, from instructional delivery to introducing our students to many of the tools discovered during coursework.


In addition to the course content itself it has been a learning experience to observe the instructors and the organization of the courses in which I have been a part of. With the course content relaying much of the foundation and process for instructional methods, seeing the application within the courses enrolled was a welcome expansion of this portion of the program.


Even the completion of the graduate portfolio was an opportunity for me to explore a tech tool in which I am incorporating into an upcoming course. The multimedia course of GRD 152 - Computer Design Tech 2 finds me introducing our students to the tool Adobe Muse, a web design tool built to behave much like Adobe's page layout application Adobe Indesign. The program itself is relatively new and this upcoming course will be the first time proper instruction will be delivered on it's use. The time spent with tutorials and with hands on development for this graduate portfolio will be a valuable asset when the next semester arrives.


My choice in enrollment within the M. S. Vocational Education program was a great one. It felt like a daunting task just a few short years ago as I searched for a graduate level program to expand my education into. This program was not only a perfect fit for my career but spoke directly to my interests and will be a major benefit as I look to further my career in the near future.

© Josh Gooch 2015 in completion of M.S. Vocational Education - East Carolina University